A black cow standing in the middle of an open field.

Daystar Farms Angus Breeding

At Daystar Farms, we take Angus cattle breeding seriously, and we have been doing it right for over 25 years. When evaluating the kind of seed stock and breeding bulls commercial and registered breeders are looking for, the Dean family decided Daystar Farms should work toward maintaining a moderate framed phenotype cow with a feminine head, powerful hindquarters, deep girth, easy calving ability and plenty of milk production.


In order to achieve Daystar Farms breeding goals, we utilize leading Registered Angus AI sires such as SydGen FATE 2800 (AAA 17521423), SydGen Enhance (AAA 18170041), GAR Fail Safe (AAA 18181757), Bar R Jet Black 5063 (AAA 18389838), V A R Discovery 2240 (AAA 17262835), Mytty In Focus (AAA 13880818), EXAR Guru 8719B (AAA 19066319) and Kramers Mandate 112 (AAA 17063062). 


For our herd sires, we have turned to Tates Matt 4991 (18075658), son of S A V 707 Rito 9969 (AAA 16417285), as handsome and prolific a bull as they come.  His farm name was “Bo.”  Bo was rated as the #1 Angus bull in the University of Florida 2015 Field Test in Marianna, Florida.  


Today our herd sire is Daystar President 2021 (AAA 20358145).  His farm name is “Mr. President,” and he has already sired 36 calves in the 2024 breeding season.  Mr. President’s sire is S A V President 6847 (AAA 18578964), the world record top selling bull of the 2017 SAV sale.  Just as his sire, Mr. President is the future of performance Angus genetics.   


We could not be more pleased with our AI calves and the calves from Bo and Mr. President.  All of our Registered Angus bulls exhibit those traits both the commercial and the registered breeder are looking for:  Soundness, good feet and balance, longer through the loin, excellent carcass quality genetics, good temperament, and heat tolerance while maintaining that much-desired ability to produce cattle of moderate frame, easy calving, good growth and good efficiency on hay and pasture. These young bulls and heifers will make excellent breeding stock for anybody looking to seriously improve their herd quality and production.


To learn more about the Angus breed and the history behind cattle, follow this link: Click Here.  We invite interested parties to come to Daystar Farms and view our cattle for sale. You’ll like it here!